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What is it all about...

  1. A financial teaching and education publication
    First and foremost we are educators and disclose our methodologies
  2. A market advisory service
    We forecast North American equity markets, many commodities, and some currencies
  3. Professional research with monthly buy recommendations
    Complete technical and fundamental research reports on public companies
  4. Elite Technical Analysis trainers and educators
    Including mathematically-proven system discussion and disclosure
  5. Multiple model portfolios aligned to today's marketplace
    Covering Canada and the USA with a variety of equities
  6. Variety of financial topics
    (see our Features and Columns link above) Aimed at investing and trading to turn your knowledge into profit

Investing and analyzing financial markets - does not have to be a mystery or painful. However, like all education and knowledge in your life - the more time you spend learning and clarifying the financial truths - the greater the benefits.

In order to be successful when making financial or investment choices, one needs to have disciplined systems in place and the determination to take action. Let KRTT show you how. Try it risk free and judge for yourself!