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Hello and welcome to KRTT.com,

Congratulations on your arrival here to our KRTT website. It implies something incredibly important about you. It signifies that you are intellectually curious, open to learning, and wanting something more. This is indeed an affirmative human sign that you are evolving into something greater today, than just yesterday.

Evolution and growth, however, also means, be prepared for change. Change is perpetual, and those who can and do change abundantly will evolve and even thrive. One of the first requisites to change, however, is the ability to have an open mind to learning and discovery.

One of the great lessons I learned in my life is about self-success, one’s personal greatness and self-accomplishment.

Having observed those around me, it invariably seemed that all success or worthwhile reward begins with a catalyst, or a special event. Those catalysts, events or upset mechanisms may begin with a sacrifice of time commitment, a monetary cost, a key attitude change, an investment of some type, and especially what I call, making a deposit into oneself.

In other words, the best bank in the world, to hold your deposits, is you. To succeed and evolve, you must constantly invest in yourself, believe fully in yourself, and make a commitment to life-long learning. Even more important I must say, is to realize that you deserve all of this greatness. It is your true destiny.

Alternatively, those with a closed mind might say, it is a harsh reality of our planet that little comes free or easy. But this is a lazy or poor attitude of quitting, and a cop out. This unfortunately is a learned behavior in a society that shows tremendous need for positive change and optimism. In contrast, hard work, determination, a good attitude, and our dreams and ambition will always set us free.

Whether we care to admit it, sadly, many of our human dreams or inspirations can remain eternally locked up inside of us, never to be realized. Since we live in a dimension called time, it is important to dream and act now.

Moreover, there is no human dream too big to accomplish.
By paradox, we already hold the key to unlock all of those human dreams. Moreover, that key is free, and already in our hands as we speak. Did you know?  That key is about our attitudes, daring to dream, and being persistent enough to conquer them. We must never stop dreaming, and never quit acting on that which we want. Life is a journey about accomplishment and personal growth, but determination is the fuel to the finish line.

So, if you have arrived here at KRTT, while seeking a dream of financial learning and freedom, you have definitely come to the right destination. We say without any doubt, that KRTT’s BBTL is the finest financial and investment education service you can buy. It will ultimately disclose many new discoveries about how the financial markets really work.

KRTT has an enviable and persistent background of learning and teaching.  You will know that even when you receive your first major KRTT monthly publications. We know that KRTT is the right financial coach, teacher, or mentor for you, on your journey to higher financial evolution. Yes, hiring the right person, teacher or team, can make a big difference in the final outcome. We are that right choice.
Many years ago while I was still employed in the military, I, as the chief editor of KRTT, was already financially dreaming big dreams. I dreamt of learning – a lot. At that time as an Air Force instructor pilot, I had already taken the Canadian Securities Course and was already taking what was then called Canadian Investment Finance or CIF (today named Canadian Investment Manager or CIM).

Although, I was still a busy instructor pilot, I worked and studied so hard, that when I wrote an exam at year end; I was the top Canadian academic student and outscored all course attendees across Canada. Likewise, most of the course members were already employed in the financial industry. Needless to say, the financial industry offered me a job, and due to family and other considerations, I accepted.

Now, almost twenty-five years later, I still keep an open mind to learning, and as a subscriber, you will benefit immensely with an incredible journey of financial discovery from KRTT.

Although, employed at a high professional level in the financial industry for many years, I guarantee you that the financial markets originally frustrated and befuddled the best and even the brightest of financial minds.

It took me personally with all of my intellect, more than a decade of extreme persistence, to eventually see and understand that certain mathematical and psychological principles were indeed in play in the financial markets and prices. Today, we have come a very long way. We can help you immensely and speed up your financial evolution.

I invite you, therefore, to come join us at KRTT. You have my personal guarantee and promise of satisfaction. Witness just one major publication and then ask, if you are not already making a quantum leap of learning, and evolving with new financial discovery.

In closing, you have my personal assurance, that we at KRTT want you all to learn big and then, to win big. We are the teacher that will inspire you to financial greatness and freedom. Thousands of Canadians and Americans are already making that journey to financial freedom, and that is one reason why discount brokers are now so popular and growing.

Finally, let me say, KRTT is a company of integrity, learning and open to those who dream big dreams. Your dreams inspire us, and we want to inspire you, for together, we are all interconnected, stronger and can inspire to human greatness.

On the topic of evolution, we remind you to change and thrive. Dare to dream those big dreams. Learn via positive change to become better tomorrow than you were today. Lastly, remember that KRTT handed you the key to unlock your dreams. It was free and it is now in your hand.

May you all, have and hold, everything you dream, wish for and fully deserve.


James A. Kelly, PRESIDENT